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Ship Chartering Brokers
We are heavily involved in the ship brokering and chartering business. We are representing many Charterers and Ship Owners.

We offer a full array of chartering and brokering services to our customers and potential clients including Ship management, Crew management and Ship supplies including technical.

We offers most advanced services in Ship Brokering to our valued principals. Our Ship Chartering services are offered in the most professional manger. For the excellent quality International Ship Broking, the company has a chartering team that works on the ship owners / cargo flow requirement worldwide on a daily basis. We also arrange the bulk transportation for several Indian and Overseas customers dealing in iron ore and coal for their country's domestic needs. Besides, when it comes to the Ship Broking Services, we are counted among the best source of the same.

The Chartering Department is very important part of our Company, providing comprehensive service combined with market research and consultancy. The commercial management division represents one of the key developments within the chartering department. The department’s activities are fully supported by a well-qualified team, which is part of a well-developed brokering network of cargoes and vessels, ensuring a rapid response to the particular needs of Principals including spot trading or time charter trading. Our team are experts in analyzing, especially with D/A analyses, post fixture analyses for each vessel, cargo / vessel damage analyses covering all claims of cargo in cooperation with Owners P&I Club, ship performance, income expenses per port having expenses in ports under control at all time. We believe that providing customers with good and timely performance ensures their satisfaction and in turn affords us further opportunities to develop our business.



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